Sara Harberson

Activities List Review (Application Nation - Class of 2023 Members ONLY)


Activities List Review (Application Nation - Class of 2023 Members ONLY)

**NOTE: Sara is offering activities list reviews for Application Nation - Class of 2023 members only.**

During a two-hour video call with the student, Sara will review the student's activities list on the Common App and provide feedback on the list, including the activities listed, the order they are listed, and their descriptions.

Please note: Once you submit your payment, you will be emailed a link to sign up for a time slot on Sara's calendar. One week prior to your scheduled session, students must complete our form and provide Sara with an editable Google Doc of their fully completed activities list, plus a PDF of the completed activities list that has been entered into the Common App.

Because these sessions are so time consuming, there are limited spaces available. Two-hour sessions will take place once a day from 6pm-8pm ET and will run from August 25th to October 27th. If you sign up for this offer and the available times do not work for you, Sarah Massari will refund you so that another member may sign up.