Sara Harberson

Application Review (Application Nation - Class of 2024 Members ONLY)


Application Review (Application Nation - Class of 2024 Members ONLY)

**NOTE: We are offering application reviews for Application Nation - Class of 2024 members only.**

Our team will review your child's entire college application as a college admissions committee would for one (1) college. 

Please note: This offer does not include any editing (e.g. essays, supplements, activity descriptions, etc.)

Once you submit your payment, you will be emailed a form to complete. Once the form is completed, we will begin your application review. Sarah Massari may reach out with questions and will provide a bulleted list of our feedback on your child's college application via email. We will provide feedback in the order in which received.

This offer includes a one-time review only. Depending on the volume received, the turnaround time may be two weeks or more. Please plan accordingly.