Sara Harberson

Final College List


Final College List

For this offer, we do a deep dive into the student's academic performance, analyze test scores, consider preferences for the colleges the student is interested in, and examine the schools that are already on their starter college list.

After this thorough review, the team will determine the student's application strategy, which will include:

  • About 12 colleges for the student's final list, including an equal number of Reach, Target, and Likely colleges
  • An Early Decision I program and an Early Decision II program (if financially feasible)
  • As many Early Action schools as possible
  • At least one Rolling Admissions school
  • And a few colleges that have Regular Decision programs

Once you submit your payment, you will be emailed a form to complete. Once the form is completed, Sarah Massari may reach out with questions and will provide a report with feedback on your child's college list via email. We will provide feedback in the order in which received.


**NOTE: We are offering Final College Lists for Application Nation members only.**